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The aqKWa Savings Engine™ is an easy-to-use software platform for water companies.

It helps your customers conserve water – while helping you streamline and reduce your operating costs.

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Six good reasons to choose the aqKWa Savings Engine™

View real-time data on water and
energy use in the home

Create better
customer relationships

Generate new
revenue streams

Inform and empower
your customers

Reduce your
costs to serve

Tailor to your

Easy for customers, and simple to onboard into your organisation – the aqKWa Savings Engine™ is based on insights gained from 11 years’ working with 90% of the UK’s water companies.

“The NRWA has partnered with the aqKWa Savings Engine to provide consumer education on water conservation through our 31,000 water and wastewater utility system membership. It will be an additional service systems can offer to encourage water and energy efficiency while improving customer engagement.”

Matt Holmes, Vice President The National Rural Water Association, USA
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View real-time data on water and energy use in the home

Understand your customers more than ever before – with comprehensive, real-time reports and analytics.

Unrivalled real-time big data

The aqKWa Savings Engine™ gathers in-depth data on your customer’s water and energy usage, by appliance and by behaviour – via a tailored set of questions.

It then gives them personalised results on their water usage, plus advice on how to improve.

Unrivalled access and control

You have complete access to all this data via your aqKWa Savings Engine™ control panel, which provides complete overviews of your customer’s:

  • Water usage
  • Household occupancy
  • Appliance and pipe leakages
  • Type of appliances
  • And much more

Know more, so you can meet their needs

The more you know and understand your customers and how they value water, the better you’ll be able to meet their needs – now and in the future.

Trust 11 years of secure data management

Managing data is core to our customer service, and since 2013 we’ve been ISO 27001 accredited for data security and information management.

Generate new revenue streams

Give your customers more options – and open up new potential for your organisation.

Relevant and simple

The aqKWa Savings Engine™ gives you a platform to develop a relevant ancillary revenue portfolio, such as:

  • Home insurance
  • Energy supplier switching
  • Promotion of industry-approved products
  • Provision of remedial services.

Incentives and rewards programme

We can also tie in with your own incentive rewards programme (if you have one) – and tailor it entirely to your organisation.

We can also create one for you from scratch and add it to your aqKWa Savings Engine™ platform.

Create better customer relationships

The aqKWa Savings Engine™ lets you have ongoing conversations, instead of simply sending out bills. Plus, problems can be resolved sooner.

Conservation starts conversations

Your customers are open to saving water, and actively want to save money. And positive, ongoing dialogues mean happier, more satisfied customers.

  • Engage with customers regularly, instead of just at bill time
  • Give your customers a platform which empowers them, and makes them feel they have choices
  • Happier customers also mean fewer complaints – and more motivated, engaged employees

Resolve problems sooner

The aqKWa Savings Engine™ gives your customers the knowledge and ability to identify and solve problems easily – so they can be resolved before they get too costly (and for fewer billing surprises).

Inform and empower your customers

By giving your customers the ability to manage their water usage, potential problems can be avoided and money saved (plus, no more bill surprises).

All the information they need

The aqKWa Savings Engine™ helps customers diagnose and avoid problems like leakage. It provides solutions too, closing the loop with links and information so any issues can be fixed. Your customers will feel in control, and that you’re on their side.

Avoiding issues

Your customers will be able to:

  • See how much water they use, how they use it – and decide how they want to manage it
  • Get personalised tips showing how to save, based on their own usage
  • Compare their energy bills and switch for better value
  • Find relevant services like insurance to help them protect their home
  • Compare their usage with others in their area – a powerful way of managing water consumption.

Fixing problems (and closing the loop)

Your customers can get:

  • Direct access to qualified tradespeople
  • Help and advice on how to fix problems
  • Help with leak detection and access to resolution

Real money savings

The aqKWa Savings Engine™ also gives your customers the chance to save money on their bills, with:

  • Access to water-saving products and services
  • The chance to reduce their bills
  • An informed opportunity for non-metered customers to opt-in for a meter.

Tailor to your organisation

It’s not just simple for your customers to use – the aqKWa Savings Engine™ is also easy to onboard to your organisation.

The platform is entirely flexible, and agile enough to suit any water organisation worldwide – taking in language, culture, company values and lots more.

Our unrivalled knowledge of this sector means we understand the requirements and nuances involved in operating in the global water arena – and we’re currently expanding our business in 19 countries throughout the world.

We can tailor according to:

  • Country-specific water use and regulations
  • Brand colours, logo and fonts
  • Specific values and measurements
  • Priorities for information

About Us

Who’s behind the aqKWa Savings Engine™?

Our parent company SaveWaterSaveMoney is the largest global provider of water-efficiency solutions. Since 2007 we’ve distributed more than 3.5 million water saving devices to over 2 million customers – saving the UK more than 5.1 billion litres of water.

We’re creating a global wave of water saving

Our aim is to harness what we learn, and exchange ideas and best practices around the world – to engage more and more people, and make water saving a part of everyday life.

Tim Robertson

Born from passion

SaveWaterSaveMoney began after our CEO Tim Robertson volunteered as a coast-based Ranger in Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA. Having to carry water half a kilometre every day to his tent for cooking and washing, he quickly learned its importance and value. On his return to the UK, Tim noticed there was a disconnect between our use of water and the limited nature of its supply. Soon after, Tim set up Save Water Save Money Ltd from his spare bedroom – and we’ve been helping the world save water ever since.

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